Katie ✨

24 • she/her • usa
infj • 12/23 • art/music
sun ♑︎ • moon ♊︎ • rising ♊︎

"we are not connected by light, but darkness instead."

"it makes your heart race, and your mind restless."

☾ byf

my account is a jumbo of streaming, graphic design work, my ramblings about life, my love for otome games/anime/manga, etc.

i do have a personal acc for more "in-depth" ramblings but do i stick to it?? idk

✦ likes

☾ otome games

collar x malice, nameless, taisho x alice, dark nights, psychedelica of the black butterfly

☾ manga

pandora hearts, the case study of vanitas, toilet-bound hanako-kun

☾ anime

cowboy bebop, steins gate, fruits basket, penguindrum, violet evergarden

☾ etc. games

mass effect, transistor, animal crossing, fallout, stardew valley, persona, red strings club, nier, dragon age

☾ music

dean, gallant, jooyoung, colde, banks, (tbh i listen to most genres)

☾ vtubers

kagami hayato, ryushen, kageyama shien, fuwa minato, rikka

✦ faves

☾ otoge boys

☾ mobage boys

☾ heroines